How long will my driver wait for me?

Our drivers will always try their best to accommodate you and your needs.

Here at Welcome Pickups, we understand that it may take you some time to get to your pickup location, so we offer the following complimentary waiting time, depending on the type of transfer booked:

โ—Airport pickup: 60 minutes

โ— Port, Train & Bus Station: 30 minutes

โ— Other pickups (incl. Sightseeing Rides and Hotel pickups): 15 minutes

The complimentary waiting time starts counting from the scheduled pickup time.

In unique cases, where you are delayed in the airport unexpectedly or just need some more time, we would advise contacting our Customer Support as soon as you can. Please be advised that the additional waiting time may result in an additional charge based on the vehicle type you have requested.

โ— For a Pickup where a Sedan car-type is assigned: EUR 6.00 / 15 min

โ— For a Pickup where a Minivan car-type is assigned: EUR 9.00 / 15 min

โ— For a Pickup where a Minibus car-type is assigned: EUR 12.00 / 15 min

It would be a great idea to switch on your mobile phone or connect to the airports free WiFi upon your arrival. If we are not able to get in touch with you an hour after your actual flight arrival time, we may have to release your drive. In situations that the flight is delayed, your driver will track the flight number you provided in your booking, so they are able to adjust the complimentary waiting time to the flightโ€™s actual arrival time.

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