Will my driver wait for me to collect my baggage and/or get through customs?

We know it takes time to exit the airport so we've included 60 minutes of complimentary waiting time. Our drivers also track flights so they are notified about delays.

Your complimentary waiting time starts the moment your flight lands. Your driver will wait for you at the arrivals gate.

If you believe that it will take you more than an hour to exit the airport, feel free to adjust your pickup time, when making a booking, by clicking on the Edit button:

Once you've landed, please make sure that your phone is switched on so that your driver can contact you, if necessary.

While you're at baggage claim/customs and notice that it will take you more than an hour to exit the airport, please call your driver or our Customer Support (+1 (877) 255-8178) immediately.

If your driver is not able to either reach you or be informed that you will need more time to exit the airport, they will leave after 60 minutes following your flight's landing.

This will be considered as a no show and we will not be able to issue a refund.






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